The British government aims to vaccinate all adults in the country by the autumn, said Health Minister Matt Hancock, while the British National Health Service (NHS) is already in a “dangerous state”.

“Of course we will start with the most vulnerable,” but “every adult will have been vaccinated by the autumn,” he told the BBC.

“The National Health Service (NHS) is facing the most dangerous situation we can remember today,” Chris Whitty, England chief physician, warned the Sunday Times.

“If the virus continues this way, the hospitals will be in a really difficult situation, and that will happen very soon,” he added.

To get out of this situation, the government launched a “battle with time” to vaccinate by mid-February those over 70, caregivers and vulnerable people, that is, almost 15 million people belonging to a category of population where 88% of deaths from Covid-19 are recorded.

And “we are on the right track” to achieve it, said the Minister of Health, speaking to SKY NEWS, emphasizing that Britain is already vaccinating “200,000 people a day” thanks to the vaccines of BioNTech-Pfizer and AstraZeneca / Oxford.

However, the British government, which is considered very slow in its response to the epidemic, is criticized by some experts. “Britain has no clear strategy beyond the quarantine measure required when hospitals are under pressure,” Devi Schrider, a public health specialist at the University of Edinburgh, told Times Radio.

As the country enters its third quarantine, the professor finds it “unrealistic” to hope that citizens continue to abide by these rules, after “almost a year” of restrictive measures, and called on the government to present a “clear plan”. ».

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