More than one in five Britons has already contracted or passed the coronavirus, according to new scientific research in the UK, which shows known cases in the general population. In some areas, the ratio is even one in two.

With 2.4 million confirmed cases in Britain, a study by health analyst Edge Health estimated that the total number of actual cases in the UK population should be 12.4 million, or 22% of all nationals.

These estimates are based on epidemiological data up to 3 January, and in the days since the confirmed cases have increased significantly, now exceeding 3 million across the United Kingdom, so the estimated percentage may already be quite bigger.

In addition, there are many areas in the country where the level of infection of the population is much higher, amounting to 40%, mainly in London and the rest of the south-east of England, while in some areas in the wider area of ​​the British capital it reaches and exceeds 50%, such as Barkin. and Dagenham.

The population in the north-west of England also has very high infection rates, with Liverpool estimated at 38.8% and neighboring Manchester 38.6%.

The company’s scientific model is based on the number of cases per region as a proportion of the number of deaths, estimating as the time interval between the recording of a case and the death associated with the coronavirus three weeks.

Source: The Guardian

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